Analysis with TrainingPeaks and WKO+Analyse mit TrainingPeaks bzw. WKO+Analyse à l’aide de TrainingPeaks et de WKO+Анализ с TrainingPeaks и WKO+Analýza pomocí TrainingPeaks a WKO+Analiza za pomocą TrainingPeaks i WKO+Análisis con TrainingPeaks y WKO+Análise com TrainingPeaks, ou seja, WKO+Analisi con TrainingPeaks e WKO+

Analýza pomocí TrainingPeaks a WKO+

Training on the Cyclus2 applying the data analysis of TrainingPeaks - no problem – the ergometer incorporates user-friendly functions for easy transfer of the ergometer training data to the training platform TrainingPeaks.

Once the Cyclus2 is embedded in a network with internet access the training data can be uploaded to the TrainingPeaks server right after finishing the ergometer training. The server access code is entered together with the athlete’s data and saved on the system. The Cyclus2 is fitted with a network connection (Ethernet) as a standard feature in order to enable network related tasks. It can be complemented with a WiFi-adapter as accessory on request.

Furthermore can the training data be converted in to the PeaksWare PWX-format and exported to the USB-memory stick. On the PC these files can be directly transferred to the WKO+ using Drag & Drop or, alternatively uploaded to TrainingPeaks using the Device Agent.

Thus the training units on the Cyclus2 ergometer can be administered and analysed in the WKO+ software as it is standard procedure in power training. The factors which are determined are Normalized Power (NP), Intensity Factor (IF) and Training Stress Score (TSS).