Ergometer trainingErgometertrainingEntraînement ergométriqueТренировки на велоэргометреTrénink na ergometruTrening na ergometrzeEntrenamiento ergómetroTreinamento ergométricoAllenamento ergometrico

Trénink na ergometru

The ergometer training on the Cyclus2 is an effective complementary exercise to road cycling training. Many cyclist, mountain bikers and triathletes, including Olympic champions, world champions and German champions successfully use the Cyclus2 as their training device and profit from the expertise represented by the Cyclus2. We know what matters – talking to professional cyclists. Among a number of professional cyclists ergometer sessions are not very popular due to experiences with poorly designed, rigid and inflexible training devices leading to postural- or back-strain during the ergometric training session. Some of the ergometers are hardly acceptable because they render a poor performance and inaccurate results.

With the Cyclus2 high performance ergometer these problems belong to the past. Cyclists can practise on the Cyclus2 using their own bike, which is fitted into an elastic suspension. The Cyclus2 provides various pre-designed and freely selectable physical load- and intensity-schemes as well as the option to configure them individually. Hence it is the ideal training device, which delivers precise and reproducible load values to the cyclist, irrespective of the intensity. An outstanding feature is that training- and tournament-tracks available as GPS data can be directly imported and realistically simulated by the electronic hardware on the Cyclus2.

Regeneration, basic endurance, specified competition endurance or strength endurance – the Cyclus2 offers training practise in all common training categories. The Cyclus2 is not only an alternative option for basic endurance training during bad weather, it is the perfect way to accurately control and scientifically monitor all physical training values within a load pattern which is a great advantage especially during interval practise. Any training unit on the Cyclus2 can be accurately recorded and saved in the form of a session protocol. Training data recorded on the ergometer can be filed and analysed in the well-known training portals e.g. TrainingPeaks bzw. WKO+ and Web4Trainer in a user-friendly way.