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Pediatric Ergometer

The Cyclus2 is the perfect device for the examination and health inspection of children and teenagers. Just mount a bike the size of the young person to be examined onto the Cyclus2 and you are ready to start. Children from the age of 5 and the size of 105 cm can be easily and precisely measured and analysed on the pediatric ergometer. Children are familiar with bicycles since virtually all of them enjoy riding one in their spare time which consequently means that they do not have to be persuaded or get accustomed to the idea in the first place. The commonly used performance patterns for children (e.g. according to Rost/Hollmann, Nowacki/Schäfer, Godfrey, Strong, James) can be fully applied without exception. In addition to that the Wingate Anaerobic Test can be carried out.

More information on ergometry during childhood and adolescence can be found here:

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