Arkadiusz SkrzypińskiArkadiusz SkrzypińskiArkadiusz SkrzypińskiАркадиуша СкржипинскиArkadiusz SkrzypińskiArkadiusz SkrzypińskiArkadiusz SkrzypińskiArkadiusz SkrzypińskiArkadiusz Skrzypiński

Handbike Ergospirometry of Arkadiusz Skrzypiński at DIAGNOSTIX

Arkadiusz Skrzypiński, the very likeable polish para-cycling world champion of 2010 is preparing intensively for the next world championships in Roskilde (Denmark). During his preparation he and his coach rely on the extensive support of the team of the Center of Sports Diagnostic DIAGNOSTIX in Wisła. At DIAGNOSTIX the training progress is being analysed and the new training intensities determined using the OBLA test in order to effectively control the training of Arkadiusz Skrzypiński. The tests are being implemented using his handbike, which is mounted on the Cyclus2. The use of the athlete’s own handbike including the power meter during the performance diagnostics ensures a precise definition of the training parameters.