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CPI Test

CPI Test

How much impact does a single heartbeat have? Measuring the CPI, which stands for CARDIO PERFORMANCE INDICATOR, does exactly answer this question. The energy of a single heartbeat renders very precise and differentiated information about the state of fitness of the test person. The excellent reproducibility of the test ensures a permanent and individual performance monitoring as even slight changes of the fitness state are detected and accurately recorded. Although the outcome can be compared to other people’s fitness results it is of greater importance to focus on the own performance increase even if it small. The more differentiated results of improvement of a person’s fitness can be detected with a test the greater incentive is given for continuity in training.

A completely new and unique test protocol only provided by the Cyclus2 in this form: With a continuously variable, gradually increasing sinusoidal load followed by a test segment with reduced load (recreational phase) not only the heart performance but also the adaptability and recreation ability of the heart can be verified. It is as easy as this: To carry out a certain amount of work a test person needs a certain number of corresponding heartbeats. The amount of work divided by the number of heartbeats renders the mean value of the work per heartbeat also known under the term CPI-value.

The result is shown on the display and can be directly printed from the Cyclus2 or saved as PDF file.