Real Life Video - Ergometer training with the UniVET SystemReal Life Video - Ergometertraining mit VirtualTrainingReal Life Video avec UniVET SystemReal Life Video with UniVET SystemReal Life Video – trénink na ergometru se systémem uniVETReal Life Video – trening na ergometrze za pomocą uniVET SystemReal Life Video- entrenamiento con ergómetro con el UniVET SystemReal Life Video Treinamento ergométrico com UniVET SystemReal Life Video – Allenamento ergometrico con VirtualTraining

Real Life Video - Ergometer training with VirtualTraining

The Cyclus2 is compatible with the VirtualTraining, a platform for virtual ergometer training. By using this system Cyclus2 users can ride life-like virtual routes on Google Earth © 3D maps with route videos simultaneously shown, synchronised with the cyclist’s actual travelling speed. Owed to the use of the athletes own bike in an elastic suspension the Cyclus2 is the ideal device for simulating training- or tournament tracks. In contrast to other ergometers the Cyclus2 precisely calculates the brake resistances during the indoor training as they appear in a real scenario (air resistance, downhill force, rolling friction).

Ergometer training with the UniVET System

Ergometer training is fun

Ergometer training with the UniVET System
  • Animation on 3D Google Earth © maps,
  • Synchronised route video,
  • Realistic load in reference to the route profile section,
  • Operation of the VirtualTraining via Cyclus2 keyboard,
  • Electronic gear shifting,
  • Personal- and group training,
  • Internet trainings with audio- and video transmission,
  • Virtual tournaments,
  • Route editor including Video-Import-Function,
  • Freely available training routes including video,
  • Professional training diary.