Performance analysisLeistungsdiagnostikDiagnostic de performanceДиагностика физической формыZátěžová diagnostikaTesty wydolnościDiagnóstico de rendimientoDiagnósticos de desempenhoCalcolo prestazionale

Calcolo prestazionale

Performance diagnostics

The Cyclus2 features high precision load resistances which ensure excellent results in performance diagnostics. Since the Cyclus2 allows testing on the test person’s own training- or competition-bike, very precise results can be achieved. There is a large number of institutes offering Cyclus2 Performance Diagnostics.

The control- and analysis-software of the Cyclus2 incorporates all the common ergometric test routines of the complex performance diagnostics. All tests are very user- friendly and can be easily and user- friendly adjusted to any particular application pattern.

The Cyclus2 can easily embedded in an existing performance diagnostics system. The ergometer can be controlled by ergospirometry or ECG software.