Maximum Cadence TestMaximal-Tretfrequenz-TestTest de fréquence de pédalage maximaleТест на максимальный темпTest maximální kadenceTest maksymalnej miarowościTest de cadencia máximaTeste de frequência de pedalada máximaTest incrementale massimale
  • Release 5.0

  • The Ergometer for Pros - Performance diagnostics and training on your own bike

Maximum Cadence Test (Motoric Test)

The maximum cadence test or motoric test is part of the complex performance diagnostics in the German Cyclists Association. The objective of the test is to determine the maximum cadence that can be achieved by the test person during a short time span (usually 6 seconds) at the lowest resistance force possible.

Maximum Cadence Test

The test can be very easily and user-friendly configured on the Cyclus2. The parameters “test duration”, “starting condition” for the automatic test start and “basic load” can be preset.

Maximum Cadence Test

The test analysis, including the achieved maximum cadence value, is shown on the display of the Cyclus2 after completing the test. The chronological sequence of the cadence is displayed during the test.

Maximum Cadence Test

The Cyclus2 provides easy and direct printing of the results via a connected printer or saving as a PDF file. The logo of the institute or medical practise can be placed in the upper right corner of the print-out.