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CYCLUS 2 – The Ergometer for Professionals

Das Ergometer

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  • Non-slip transmission of high brake resistances (up to 3000W)
  • precise test- and training-results achieved by using your own bike (racing bike, track bike, mountain bike, triathlon bike, hand bike)
  • Elastic suspension of your bike allows sustained load
  • Track cycling version with fixed gear available
  • Ideal for mobile performance diagnostics (optional compact transport case and battery powered version available)

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  • User-friendly graphical control unit
  • Operation and monitoring of the Cyclus2 via network PCs
  • PC keyboard interface
  • Various operator languages supported

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Performance types:

  • Power controlled (Watt)
  • Torque controlled (Nm)
  • Isokinetic (cadence)
  • Inclination (simulation of air-resistance, downhill-force, rolling friction)

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Operating modes

  • Manual control
  • Programme control (easy-to-handle setup of various performance patterns for individual tests and training sets)
  • Import of recorded tracks(TCX Garmin, GPX common standard, SRM powermeter)
  • External control (CPET- and ECG-systems e.g. CORTEX and custo med)
  • Real Life Video – Ergometer training with the VirtualTraining

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Implemented tests

  • OBLA Test
  • Sinus Test
  • Wingate Anaerobic Test
  • Isokinetic Maximum Strength Test
  • Maximal Cadence Test
  • PWC-Test
  • CPI-Test

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Analysis modes

  • Direct analysis of training sets and tests with impressive colour printouts (personal logo can be embedded)
  • Printout to PDF and TIF
  • Convenient analysis of a lactate performance curve (direkt import of measured values of lactate from Lactate SCOUT and BIOSEN)
  • Easy-to-use export feature for training- and test-data (PWX for TrainingPeaks, CSV for Web4Trainer and user defined CSV)
  • Saving training- and test-data including analysis using the internal memory, a USB memory stick or network drive respectively, reloading of the data for re-analysis possible

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  • 2 x USB (e.g. for USB-memory-stick, printer or additional keyboard)
  • 1 x RS232,
  • 1 x LAN, 1 x WLAN (optional)
  • Control via TCP/IP or serial port by standardised protocols (Ergoline)


Cyclus2 Brochure (PDF)
Cyclus2 Brochure (PDF)
Technical Data (PDF)
Technical Data (PDF)
Tests and Training (PDF)
Tests and Training (PDF)

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