The Cyclus2 Recumbent ECCENTRIC 2WAY has a second direction of rotation compared to the Recumbent ECCENTRIC.

The Cyclus2 Recumbent ECCENTRIC 2WAY is designed for applications in which the subject is not sitting on a bicycle, but in a semi-recumbent position. The semi-recumbent sitting position is an alternative for non-cyclists, rehabilitation or elderly people. 

In addition, it also enables concentric training in isokinetic operation (constant speed). This device can be used to train eccentrically as well as concentrically (isokinetically) forwards and backwards, and examinations and studies can be carried out precisely to compare physiological variables between concentric and eccentric loads.

During eccentric training, a motor creates a backward rotation of the cranks and the rider resists this rotation. The muscle work is carried out by lengthening the muscle fibers. The Cyclus2 Recumbent ECCENTRIC 2WAY has high accuracy and enables different types of loads, such as power, torque and isokinetic driving.

All types of load can be combined by the user in freely programmable load profiles. The Recumbent ECCENTRIC 2WAY ergometer can be coupled with CPET systems.

Eccentric Ergometer Training

Eccentric and concentric isokinetic training is possible with the Cyclus2 Recumbent ECCENTRIC 2WAY. This allows examinations and studies to compare physiological variables between concentric and eccentric loads to be carried out precisely.

The height of the pedal crank can be adjusted on the recumbent ergometer, which allows you to specifically select the muscle groups stressed during ergometer training.

The Cyclus2 Recumbent ECCENTRIC 2WAY is particularly suitable for training non-cyclists, people in rehabilitation or elderly people. The sporty but comfortable seat also allows longer training in a semi-recumbent position.

With eccentric training, a key difference is that the same muscle can achieve significantly more strength and the subject can perform significantly higher than with conventional concentric training. This makes it possible to effectively increase the concentric performance of the muscle.

With the same performance, oxygen consumption and heart rate are significantly lower during eccentric training than during standard concentric ergometer training. This is particularly important for rehabilitation or senior sports.

With the Recumbent ECCENTRIC 2WAY you can train at speeds as low as 10 rpm.


Experience the unique benefits of eccentric cycling
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Bluetooth Sensor Support

More and more physiological parameters of athletes are being measured with sensors. In addition to the heart rate, it is now also possible to include oxygen saturation in the muscle, core body temperature, lactate and oxygen intake in the evaluation of ergometry.

Sensors such as heart rate monitors, power meters, MOXY, VO2 Master Pro, Lactate Scout, Lactate Express and Body Core Temperature Sensor can be connected directly to the Cyclus2 via Bluetooth LE. All data from these external sensors can also be displayed and exported on the control unit in relation to other data.

Scientific Data Analysis

After tests or training have been completed, the evaluations are clearly presented on the Cyclus2 display and can be printed or saved electronically as a PDF if desired.

The Cyclus2 can continuously record all data generated during ergometry at selectable time intervals.

The recorded data can be exported into common formats such as FIT or CSV for further scientific use and can therefore be easily synchronized with each other.

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