Eccentric Ergometers

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Well-known universities and institutes worldwide use Cyclus2 eccentric ergometers for their studies and research. One focus is improving performance in sport.

Eccentric ergometer training for rehabilitation is another focus of research. This involves, among other things, effective muscle building in weakened COPD and cardiac patients, the rehabilitation of patients with knee problems (e.g. after cruciate ligament operations) or post-Covid patients.

Furthermore, eccentric ergometer training is of great importance for the health and mobility of seniors and the associated increase in quality of life in old age. Here, too, there are numerous studies and research projects with Cyclus2 eccentric ergometers.

Users, References
Universal operating concept

The Cyclus2 models are operated on the ergometer with a control unit.

A modern, intuitive graphical interface allows access to all functions as well as integrated tests and clearly displays the test and training data.

The control unit of the Cyclus2 Eccentric ergometer has a special feedback display that supports and trains the subjects' coordination.

Up-to-date interfaces such as LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB ensure that Cyclus2 ergometers can be connected to other devices in the training or test environment and exchange data with them.

In addition, the Cyclus2 Eccentric ergometers can be operated via VNC on the PC.

Universal operating concept

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