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More than 50 years of experience and passion for cycling ergometers!

In 1970, sports scientist Gerhard Richter and partners in Markkleeberg/Zöbigker (near Leipzig) began developing a cycling ergometer for competitive sports in what was then the GDR.

The aim was to develop a robust cycling ergometer that would particularly meet the requirements of cycling. The important requirements for this were:

  • Robust and low-maintenance
  • Operation without external power supply
  • Using a bike frame for realistic riding
  • Precise transmission of large workloads, also for sprinting and track cycling

The developed “RECORDTRAINER” was a great success. Initially, the devices were produced in a garden shed with the help of friends and the son, Jens Richter. Later, a VEB in Lützen took over production. A total of around 3,000 devices were built and used in GDR competitive sports.

In 1990, Jens Richter founded the company RBM elektronik-automation GmbH with a focus on hardware and software development for industry.

In 1992, due to many inquiries, the development of the first successor model began together with Gerhard Richter.

The developers at RBM, themselves sports enthusiasts or former competitive athletes, always worked with great joy and enthusiasm on the further development of the new generation of devices, later named “Cyclus2”.

In 2014, the decision was made to concentrate in the future only on the development and production of high-quality ergometers for professional sports. In the same year, RBM presented the novel Cyclus2 Eccentric Trainer at the ECSS conference in Amsterdam.


Development of the Rekordtrainer

The technician and sports scientist Gerhard Richter developes a robust and high-performance training ergometer for competitive sports in the G.D.R.


Development of the first follow-up model by RBM

Together with Gerhard Richter the RBM company developes the first successor model with electronic controls and a graphic operating- and control panel including a printer port.


Further development with elastically suspended own bicycle

On the Cyclus2 - Recordtrainer the own bicycle is now elastically suspended. The operation- and control panel has got a colour display, a storage medium and interfaces for printer and external controls. The software has a large functionality for training- and performance-diagnostics.


Cyclus2 with an advanced operating panel


Operating- and control-panel with USB, LAN and WLAN option. Advanced software for performance diagnostics including new tests as well as a complete lactate-treshold analysis.


Enhancement of the operating panel and control electronics

Operating panel with new design and powerful processor. Integration of track simulation with RealLive-Video.


Launch of the Cyclus2 Eccentric Trainer

Opening of the new eccentric ergometer line and lauch of the novel Cyclus2 Eccentric Trainer at the ECSS conference in Amsterdam.


Presentation of the Cyclus2 Recumbent Eccentric Trainer

Launch of the new setup of the eccentric ergometer at the ECSS conference in Vienna


New brake unit with through axle support

Launch of the new Cyclus2 brake unit which supports mounting of bike frames equipped with disc brakes using by their through axles


New control panel, software release 5

Finish of the further developement of the new control panel including new state of art dual core processor and Bluetooth LE


Use of new brushless motor technology

Cyclus2 eccentric ergometers use state of the art nonwearing brushless motors including a new motor controller from now

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